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To start taking classes in Down Under, sign up for a membership. Once you have a membership, you will need to sign in to your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for one or call the studios directly. You can also register for a class using your current pass, or purchase a class pass. In either case, you'll have to purchase a pass for the number of classes you want to take.


Ashtanga is a traditional sequence of asanas performed in the same order every time. The discipline is highly structured, so students learn the sequence after one class. The Ashtanga practice is popular in Australia, as it teaches a calm mind and strong body. But, what makes Ashtanga so different from other styles of yoga? Read on to find out how this practice differs from other types of yoga.

The Down Under School of Yoga is located near the MBTA green line station. There is plenty of free parking on the premises. The Ashtanga primary series is the foundation for the class, and the teacher emphasizes individualized instruction and meditation philosophies. The classes include a meditation session and space to ask questions. Yoga can be a transformative experience, and the Down Under School of Yoga offers a unique approach to the practice.

Classes at Down Under are a combination of gentle, meditative, and physically demanding styles. Students can choose from Ashtanga and Heated Flow. Beginners can enjoy the Iyengar Level 1 class, which is perfect for beginners and includes basic standing, seated, back bending, and beginner inverted poses. The instructor is experienced in teaching the Ashtanga system and helps students understand how to apply it to their own personal practice.


Practicing Iyengar yoga is both physically challenging and mentally demanding. It builds strength and flexibility, protects joints, and develops self-awareness through precise movement. It focuses on the entire body, engaging all of the major muscle groups and developing an awareness of the deeper workings of the muscles. In this way, Iyengar yoga is a form of physical therapy. Here, a senior teacher of the Iyengar method in the United States teaches a course in the Iyengar method.

Claire Walden, a certified Iyengar teacher since 2001, weaves philosophical themes into each class. She keeps the class energized while also allowing quiet periods for the students to fully absorb the asanas. You can trust that your yoga practice will be safe in the hands of an experienced teacher. It's important to know how to use props safely. Props have become a popular staple of the yoga community.

Aside from a strong core, Iyengar yoga helps you avoid injuries by improving your alignment. A better alignment leads to less pain and energy, which in turn leads to greater self-confidence. In addition to improving posture, Iyengar yoga also improves the functions of the circulatory system, lymph system, and digestive system. When these systems function optimally, it nourishes organs and eliminates toxins, lowering the risk of various diseases.

Heated flow

If you're looking for a class that's both challenging and meditative, look no further than the Heated Flow at Down Under Yoga. The studio's dedicated instructors offer three levels of instruction, ranging from gentle meditative yoga to physically demanding Ashtanga. Beginners will want to check out the Iyengar Level 1 class, which includes basic seated, standing, and back bending poses. The pace of the class is moderate and there is ample instruction on how to use props. The studio also hosts workshops, such as Better at Balancing, which are designed to get you started on the path to yoga practice.

The Down Under School of Yoga is home to a variety of yoga classes, including a fusion of several historic traditions. The Vinyasa School offers 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training programs, weekly Continuing Education classes, and assistant development programs. For those seeking a deeper understanding of yoga, Down Under offers a wide range of trainings and certifications, including a certified yoga instructor program (YTT) and a Yoga Therapy assistant program.

Heated Flow is a dynamic sequence that demands attention to the connection between breath and movement. A series of heat-building movements are used to cultivate a connection between the mind and breath. While this style is ideal for beginners, anyone can take a Heated Flow class, as the intensity level varies from instructor to teacher. The Heated Flow class emphasizes a connection between the breath and movement, fostering awareness of the breath and personal evolution.

Community focus

The Down Under Yoga community is rooted in a philosophy of respect and social distancing. The teachers at this studio come from wildly different traditions and philosophies, but they respect each other's integrity. Many classes feature a cell phone policy. The teachers are also known for their passion and enthusiasm for yoga and the community. Down Under's founder, Deb Flashenberg, is an experienced teacher and passionate advocate of the discipline.

Founded in 2004, Down Under Yoga has evolved from a group of friends in a parish hall to the premier yoga school in New England. The school's three-generation teacher-to-student lineage is unmatched. In addition to traditional yoga classes, Down Under also offers a free yoga program for seniors and people with disabilities. This unique practice is offered to many people every day, and they support charities around the world and locally.

The Down Under School of Yoga offers a wide range of classes, from gentle, meditative practices to more rigorous, physical workouts. Classes range from Ashtanga and Iyengar to hatha and more advanced forms like Heated Flow and Power Yoga. The studio specializes in detailed alignment instruction and sequencing. IYENGAR IGNITE is a high-energy practice that targets the most challenging aspects of yoga, while IYENGAR YOGA FOR HEALTHY BONES focuses on the healing power of meditative practices.
Classes for all levels

Down Under yoga classes are available for all levels and abilities. They feature a variety of styles and teachers. You can choose from gentle meditative yoga to more intense styles, including Ashtanga and Heated Flow. The teachers are experienced in both styles and will offer detailed alignment instructions. You can also take classes for back conditions with specialized sequencing. In addition to offering a variety of classes, Down Under offers teacher trainings, 200 and 300-hour trainings, as well as a unique Accomplice Circle.

Beginner yoga classes are great for beginners because they focus on deep breathing, proper body alignment, and strength and flexibility. A regular practice of yoga is beneficial for all levels, as it reduces stress and improves sleep. It can help you sleep better and reduce pain. No matter your level, yoga is a great choice and is appropriate for everyone. You can start practicing yoga as a beginner or as an advanced student. No matter your level, you'll find the right classes to meet your needs.

Beginner yoga classes focus on basic poses and breathing techniques, while advanced classes focus on more complex poses and advanced breathing techniques. Beginner yoga classes also allow those who have recently injured themselves or have a chronic condition to recover. They may also incorporate meditation and mudra's to enhance the experience. Throughout the classes, you'll be guided through a variety of meditative techniques, including mantras and pranayama.

Online subscriptions

Down Under Yoga online subscriptions can give you access to all of their classes and resources. You can purchase yearly or monthly subscriptions and even opt for auto-renewing options. To subscribe to a class, sign in to your Down Under account and follow the steps provided. You can also call the studios and ask for help. Once you've signed up, you can start searching for a class using your current pass or purchase a new one.

The Down Under Yoga Center in Newtonville, Massachusetts, is home to some of the world's most experienced and highly skilled yoga teachers. These teachers draw from many lineages of yoga to create intelligent classes for all skill levels. While you might want to try a beautiful pose for the first time, Down Under Yoga instructors welcome practitioners of all levels. The Down Under Yoga Center online subscriptions make it easy for you to stay current and inspired.