Earth Healing

Earth Healing and Environmental Sustainability

The term vivaxis, a portmanteau of the Latin words "life" and "center," is used to describe the connection between the earth energy healing frequency and an individual's energetic field. Frances Nixon, a Canadian researcher, began pioneering research into this connection in the 1960s. She found that earth energy healing frequencies originating in the planet's core could be transferred into the individual's energetic field. By applying these principles to healing, we can enhance our well-being and improve the health of our environment.

Environmental sustainability

The concept of environmental sustainability and healing the planet are interconnected. By using natural processes, humankind can help the planet heal itself and restore itself to a state of balance. This concept embodies many aspects of holistic medicine and holistic lifestyles. While we have to acknowledge the importance of each individual, there are several factors that can help us heal and maintain our planet. These factors include using organic products, not using pesticides, and learning about indigenous knowledge and practices.

One way to learn about this holistic approach is to read Healing Earth by Michael Garanzini, the President of Loyola University Chicago, and the Society of Jesus, and other Jesuit scholars. The goal of this text is to promote environmental awareness by raising awareness of ecological and sustainability issues. It is also a living textbook because it features contributions from scholars in Jesuit universities around the world. As such, it is a living, evolving text, reflecting the perspectives of contributors from different continents and communities.


In the traditional tradition of Earth healing, benevolence is the way that the earth provides for humankind. The soil is the benevolent host for seed, which germinates and grows and then multiplies. The seed produces fruit that sustains people, animals, and birds. Trees celebrate the benevolence of the soil by offering their fruit to those in need. In fact, the tree's fruit is a symbol of benevolence in the universe.

The ethic of Healing Earth combines environmental science with environmental ethics and spirituality to ensure the well-being of nature. While natural resources are valuable in and of themselves, they must be managed sustainably. In other words, we must respect the intrinsic value of the bee and ensure that it is plentiful for future generations. In this way, we can respect the honeybee and its future. Moreover, we must respect the benevolence of the earth.


Studies have shown that people who volunteer and give to others are less stressed and have lower death rates. According to Michelle Carlino, an instructor at Lourdes Wellness Services in Camden, NJ, selfless giving lowers stress and alleviates depression symptoms. This effect is observed in people from all cultures and economic levels. According to one study, people from both rich and poor countries experience the positive emotional effects of generosity. This is because giving reduces stress and depression symptoms, which can have profound effects on a person's health.

In Christian traditions, generosity is a major component of a spiritual practice. It involves a mindset of generosity, which moves one outside of themselves and towards others. The practice of generosity is easily taught to children and can help them grow as individuals, in their communities, and as members of the human family. There is nothing more important than passing on this concept to the next generation. It is vital to teach our children how to live a generous life, and how to thrive in society.


What is subsidiarity in earth healing? Subsidiarity is a system of organizing principles that seek a balance in the allocation of authority and problem-solving power. People closest to a problem are best positioned to respond to it. Likewise, prudence in authority allocation is essential. As such, subsidiarity is a natural, organic way to organize earth healing. Listed below are examples of how this principle can help in earth healing.


Awe is an experience of connection to the universe. Awe experiences also promote positive emotions and critical thinking and reduce materialism. Studies have shown that those who experience awe are more likely to resist urges to obtain money, measured by how hard they try. Awe is also associated with a decrease in inflammatory markers in the body. But how can we help us in our daily lives? The answer lies in our own spirituality.

Scientists can also study awe and its relationship to different aspects of the natural world. In one study, psychologist Craig Anderson compared participants from the Sierra Club's Military Outdoors program and the Cal Vets student veteran's association. He found that participants from the United States and Iran reported experiencing awe more frequently than those from high social classes. These results are consistent with previous studies, indicating that awe can have powerful effects on our emotional health.

The benefits of awe are many, and they extend beyond our physical health. Awe can also enhance our social lives. It can help us minimize our ego and focus on the vastness of our surroundings. Awe is a powerful emotion that is linked to a healthy environment. When it is felt, it contributes to our overall health and wellbeing. The effects of awe on our emotional state are awe-inspiring.


Women are powerful incarnations of feminine sacrality in many cultures. This power is both destructive and beneficent, depending on how it is exercised and directed. In Tamil Nadu, for example, women are considered to be the vehicle of sakti, the natural energy that sustains all action and brings prosperity. In Tamil, married women are revered as living embodiments of the goddess Laksmi. And yet, women are not the only powerful incarnations of feminine power.

Feminine sacrality manifests itself in a variety of forms. Sacred powers are not necessarily linked to feminine forms. For example, when someone refers to the earth as a sacred mother, they are referring to the earth itself as a transformative, generative force. Or they may refer to the moon as the goddess who reveals herself to humans through her presence on Earth. And while the concept of feminine power has a strong connection to nature, it is not necessarily confined to a particular sector.

Scientific theories

There are many scientific theories surrounding earth healing. Many of them are based on the idea that the biosphere is a living, breathing system that is constantly undergoing evolution. The Gaia hypothesis was developed by biologists James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, and says that the biosphere functions as an adaptive control system that maintains homeostasis. In this theory, earthing is believed to reduce inflammation and chronic pain, improve sleep and energy, and normalize biological rhythms. It is also believed that earthing can reduce the symptoms of menstruation.

Practical applications

Earth healing is a powerful method to heal our bodies and our planet. The science behind this ancient practice is based on the natural electric frequencies of our planet. By synchronizing our bodies with these frequencies, we can achieve profound healing effects. Various scientists around the world are exploring this method. This article will give an overview of earth healing and practical applications. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the most common uses of earth healing.

Using the power of the environment for our own good is an important first step in the process of earth healing. The authors of Healing Earth advocate four steps for getting started on the path of environmental activism. The authors combine science, ethics, and spirituality to give their readers a practical guide to healing nature. Among these four steps are the following: