Free Meditation Apps

Top 5 Free Meditation Apps

There are dozens of apps for free meditation, but one of the best is Headspace. This app displays the number of meditators collectively - over 18 million! - on your home screen. It also announces the number of other meditators nearby. You can also see what tracks your fellow meditators are listening to. If you'd like to share your experience, check out Headspace's Facebook page.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a free meditation app for young people created by nonprofit Beyond Blue. The app offers various different types of meditation and is free to download. Beyond Blue also provides quality assurance for health direct content. While there are some things to consider before downloading Smiling Mind, the free version is great. It offers a variety of free meditation practices, as well as premium programs. You should check out the free version to learn more about it.

The app offers quality programs that teach both adults and children how to meditate. It uses age-appropriate terms, pictures, and real-life scenarios to engage kids in the process. Its easy-to-use interface and step-by-step guides make it an excellent choice for beginners. There are even meditation programs specifically for kids and educators and health care workers. You can choose to use the app as a personal meditation practice or as a part of a class.

Smiling Mind offers hundreds of different meditation programs and audio lessons. The programs are organized by theme, age group, and experience level. The app also offers customizable programs for students, adults, and athletes. The app also has the ability to record your progress and remind you to meditate. If you have difficulty staying focused, you can use the reminders and audio files to meditate at your own pace. These free programs can help you manage stress and anxiety.

Smiling Mind is an Australian nonprofit with a mission to make future generations happier and healthier. Its free app features meditations for different situations and ages. Meditations for kids can help with sleep problems and anxiety and can be done on your phone using a Google Home speaker. These meditations are available for both iOS and Android. You can also download the Smiling Mind app on your computer and listen to it through Google Home's speaker.

Insight Timer

If you're looking for a free meditation app, you've found it. The app offers thousands of guided meditations, lectures, and music tracks to choose from. There are hundreds of themes, and the app also lets you join groups for a specific purpose. Besides meditation, the app offers social features, too. You can chat with others in groups for support or simply meditate in your own space. There are also options to connect with other users, as well as view recent activity and find teachers and friends to meditate with.

After downloading the Insight Timer - Free Meditation App, you can install it on your laptop, smart phone, or tablet. If you have an Android device, you can use an emulator, such as Bluestacks. This emulator lets you play Android games on your PC or laptop screen. You can also access all the features of the Insight Timer - Free Meditation App using Bluestacks. The user-friendly interface is another reason why the app is so popular.

The Insight Timer app is available for free on iOS and Android devices. It offers a beautiful interface. You can find meditation lessons and content quickly and easily. You can also engage in a chat with other members of the community. You can leave encouragement and inspirational words for them. Group meditations on Insight Timer have a similar interface to Instagram Live, where you can write messages to other members in the group. The feature is very helpful for those who want to meet others who are interested in meditation.

For users with a Windows PC, you can download the Insight Timer - Free Meditation App and install it. The application has good ratings and reviews on Google Play. It has over 1,000,000 downloads and a 4.7 star average user aggregate rating. You can cancel your subscription by following the instructions on the app's website. If you'd like to cancel the app for any reason, you can visit the website or contact the developer of the app.


If you're considering downloading the Calm free meditation app, you should know that it's not a perfect fit for everyone. There are a number of cons to this app, including a lack of customization options. For instance, you can't choose which type of meditation to practice, or what length is the ideal. You can also filter your meditation by length, which may not be a good option for everyone.

The best way to avoid falling into the trap of free-form meditations is to use the 'mountain' meditation. You can practice it anywhere - even while you're not meditating. This method teaches you to step out of your mind and concentrate on your senses. While you're not necessarily required to meditate to experience the benefits of this technique, you'll be surprised by how effective it can be.

To start using Calm, download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store. If you don't want to download it, you can always visit the Calm website or sign up for their business plan. This plan is geared toward companies of 100 employees or less. It provides administrative tools for managing the Calm program also includes a monthly subscription. The best part is, you can cancel your subscription at any time - it's up to you!

If you're new to meditate, the free version of Calm has plenty of helpful meditations for beginners. If you're more experienced, however, you might want to upgrade to the premium version to access the hundreds of programs available. If you're serious about meditating, it's worth it to invest in the premium version. Although there are limited options available, the free version provides a taste of the program, which is worth trying out before investing in a premium subscription.

UCLA Mindful

UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) is an organization that promotes mindfulness across the lifespan. Their signature evidence-based educational programs are free to the public and require no previous experience with mindfulness. Participants of these free classes can expect to benefit from the calming and restorative powers of mindfulness. In addition, these programs are available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and more.

UCLA Mindful offers free guided meditations available on MP3 format. The recordings are narrated by Diana Winston, Director of Mindfulness Education. The guided meditations focus on breathing, body scan, and lovingkindness. Participants can also download the UCLA Mindful smartphone app for free to start their daily practice. While these meditations are short, they require a commitment to practice them regularly. Therefore, they are recommended for those who wish to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

The UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center website offers a free app that features a dozen meditations. These meditations vary in length from five to 19 minutes. The app also provides Spanish translations of the meditations. Each meditation can be used by individuals with various conditions. Another option is to purchase the DVDs for yourself. However, it is important to know that these recordings are educational tools, not clinical treatments. This may not be the best option for everyone.

For those who are interested in practicing mindfulness without downloading an entire app, there are many free options. Headspace is one app that offers hundreds of meditations and is free of charge. The app is organized into four pillars and has a variety of different lengths for beginners to advanced meditators. The meditations are usually between five and fifteen minutes, but you can adjust the time to suit your needs. For beginners, this app is particularly useful, as it lacks advertisements and in-app purchases. It also features guided meditations for healing, sleeping, loving, and kindness.


The founders of Shine are committed to bridging the mental health gap, and this is evident in their goal to include as many voices as possible on the app. As a result, the app features the voices of people of color and has over eight hundred original meditations. They also include mindfulness resources such as playlists for LGBTQ+ members, and underrepresented groups. Though their service is free, they are not the only ones making an effort to close the mental health gap.

The app is designed for busy young professionals, with daily updates. Instead of offering structured meditation programs or lengthy meditation sessions, Shine includes daily motivational messages and audio meditations. Members can connect and share experiences with other users, and they can also join the Shine Squad community. Premium users also receive access to their own personal meditation library. In addition to the free version, they also receive daily motivational texts. Shine is a great way to learn mindfulness and become more connected with your inner circle.

Shine is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It is also compatible with Android 4.4 devices. Users have reported problems canceling subscriptions with Apple. While it doesn't have a presence on the BBB or Trustpilot, reviews on other forums have been positive. Many users enjoy the daily motivation messages and the community vibe. Many users also love the diversity of meditations that are available. Ultimately, Shine has many positive reviews in the app stores.

Besides a free meditation, Shine also features a library of over 500 meditations. There are meditations for every day of the week, and users can log their daily moods and gratitude. The app also offers access to a Shine Squad community where members can share their feelings and get support. Shine Squad also offers sleep meditations and ambient sounds. The app is an excellent way to boost awareness and self-reflection.