Highland Yoga

Highland Yoga in Franklin County, Massachusetts

This yoga studio is located in Franklin County, Massachusetts, serving residents of Heath, Rowe, Charlemont, Hawley, Colrain, and surrounding areas. However, you can find Highland Yoga classes in many towns throughout the area. Here are some of the reasons why you should try Highland Yoga. We've outlined these areas below. Also, learn more about the Highland Yoga studio. We hope you enjoy your visit! And don't forget to share your experience with others!
Elsie Brotherton's transformational journey is the inspiration for Highland Yoga

Highland Yoga is a chain of yoga studios in Atlanta. Founded by Elsie Brotherton, the studios offer innovative hot vinyasa yoga. Elsie is a former litigator who found her yoga practice during law school. Elsie has six studios in the metro Atlanta area and plans to open a sixth in Brookhaven in March 2022.

Her first experience with yoga began when her father gave her a gift of a series of yoga classes the week before he died. Over time, Shereen found comfort and healing in her yoga practice. She began to incorporate yoga into her routine one day a week, as a way to rest her body. When she discovered Highland Yoga, she was awestruck by the classes and the ambience. She decided to pursue a teaching certification after discovering the power of yoga for herself and others.

After graduating from college, Elsie's passion for yoga grew. She discovered Highland Yoga while looking for an outlet for her anxiety. Her yoga practice soon became a powerful tool for managing stress and reconnecting with herself. As a student of Highland Yoga, she looks forward to becoming a yoga instructor, aiming to offer students the same transformative experience she found in the classes. She teaches a variety of yoga classes and hopes to offer students the opportunity to connect to their inner-strength and explore their own unique practice.

Amy McLaughlin's teaching style is dynamic and high-energy, yet infused with a gentle reassurance. Her class is a safe and supportive space where students can enjoy the moment and practice in a way that nurtures their bodies and minds. She is a certified health coach and has also worked as a manager for Airbnb spaces. She has a strong passion for bringing yoga to people who need it.

Elsie Brotherton opened the first studio in February 2015

Shereen Brotherton was a competitive dancer and discovered yoga when she was in high school. She loved physical activity and the way it helped her to stay balanced. She often visited gyms and attended group fitness classes, but eventually began to incorporate yoga into her weekly routine as a rest day. After joining Highland Yoga's teacher training program, Sarah has found it easy to connect her practice to her daily life, and loves how the community supports one another.

Highland Yoga has a wide array of offerings. The practice focuses on creative hot vinyasa yoga. Elsie Brotherton opened the first studio in February 2015. Since then, she's added four more locations, with plans for a sixth in Brookhaven, New York, by March 2022. Brotherton has studied yoga since she was a child and teaches the Highland Yoga curriculum at her other two studios.

After a tough childhood, Reidy found vinyasa yoga at Highland in 2015. The studio soon became her refuge and she grew to love it. The community and the teaching style allowed her to develop a deeper yoga practice. The community is supportive, and the classes are designed to help students improve their body awareness and spirituality. The studio's atmosphere also promotes self-acceptance, which she found invaluable.

A former competitive swimmer, Rachel had an interest in fitness, including yoga. She began attending Highland Yoga classes in 2010 and fell in love with the physical practice. She found herself craving a new way to move her body and deal with her anxiety. She took a class with a high-level instructor and loved it so much, she went on to complete her RYT-200 certification at the Atlanta studio in September 2018.

Her classes are heated power vinyasa

Heated Power Vinyasa is a dynamic form of yoga that fuses breath and movement in a fluid flow. The dynamic movements and breathwork are intended to develop strength and endurance. Her classes are heated to a comfortable 85 degrees. A class is ideal for all levels of fitness, including beginners. During a 90-minute class, you can expect to sweat! Her classes are designed to build core strength and challenge balance and flexibility.

This heated class features a dynamic playlist that challenges the cardiovascular and anaerobic systems. You will sweat during the first 40 minutes, and then you'll finish the class with a cool down with slow, mindful movements. Her classes are perfect for beginners and advanced yogis alike. She also offers nonheated classes if you're unsure of the heat. Her classes are great for those who enjoy power vinyasa but don't mind a little heat.

If you're new to yoga, you can start by taking a nonheated class. It's best to take a class that's comfortable for you until you're used to the heat. Just be sure to practice before a class if you're new to yoga. Then you'll feel much more energized and prepared for your next class. And you'll be grateful you took the time to find a class that's right for you!

After living in New York City for a decade, Kristin Caforio Marengo decided to move back to Worcester to teach yoga. Her class was rated as the best yoga class in Time Out New York Magazine's December 2010 issue and has been featured in Cosmopolitan's November 2014 issue. And a recent interview with her in the New York Times magazine further cements her reputation as a leading yoga instructor.

Her studios are supportive communities

After receiving her RYT 200 training at Highland Yoga, Sam has been teaching yoga in Atlanta since October 2018. She has a passion for sharing the practice and wants to share her passion with others. Her classes are fun and fast paced, designed to meet the needs of students of all levels. Students can expect to gain peace of mind, empowerment, and acceptance in her classes, and they can enjoy a one-hour self-care session free from life's distractions.

A trained social worker, Reidy began practicing yoga when she was home from college. She discovered Highland Yoga and its supportive community and was immediately drawn to the practice. It was not long before she became a regular student. A vinyasa class was a calming and grounding practice that helped her deal with stress. Ultimately, she discovered that Highland Yoga was the perfect place to deepen her practice. Now, she plans to finish her teacher training at Highland Yoga in Spring 2020. Her classes focus on breath and movement, encouraging students to express their authentic selves.

Ashleigh began her yoga practice as a teenager at Highland Yoga. She became certified as a RYT-200 teacher in 2016 and is working on her RYT-300. Her classes focus on the mind/body connection and offer a safe and fun environment for students to practice and grow. In addition to teaching Highland Yoga, she is a certified health coach. In addition to teaching yoga, she runs a business called Heart & Soul Yoga in Seattle.

Located in Buckhead, Highland Yoga offers a welcoming community. It offers a unique style of vinyasa yoga that blends a vigorous flow with traditional alignment principles. In her classes, the temperature is heated up to 93 degrees, a perfect temperature for the practice of vinyasa yoga. The studios are spacious and allow students to explore their personal yoga practice. The community atmosphere at Highland Yoga allows for personal growth in yoga.