Meditation Center

How to Find a Meditation Center

Many people are curious about how to locate a reliable center for meditation. You can search for one in your local classifieds. However, this article will concentrate on the different types of meditation centers that are available in various locations. It will help you decide which one is right for you. Here are some places that offer meditation classes: InsightLA. Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Panditarama Meditation Center. Taos Mountain Sangha. If you reside in one of these areas, you may consider going to the center in person.


InsightLA is an independent meditation center that is a teacher of mindfulness techniques. There are several locations across the Greater Los Angeles area. The center has been providing classes or retreats as well as special events for over 16 years. They're a welcoming place to learn and practice mindfulness. There is sure to be something to suit you. Here, you'll find classes for all levels and age groups.

Since 1997 the center is open. It is a non-profit organisation, and its instructors have been practicing insight mediation since the 1970s. Some of the instructors were trained with medical professionals who pioneered secular meditation in therapeutic and medical environments. Classes are offered on a variety of subjects that include mindful writing, as well as pain management. Some classes are completely free or are available at no cost. You can also drop in to attend a class to get familiar with the subject and you don't need to make reservations.

The InsightLA meditation center also offers the option of a virtual retreat. The program includes live video interviews with some of the most renowned mindfulness teachers. Participants can watch live meditation classes and take part in a an open discussion with the instructors. The program will conclude with a three-day retreat on the internet that will include Trudy Goodman Cornfield, Thomas Davis, Sharon Salzberg and Thomas Davis. Meditation classes live will begin on September 15th, and will continue through November 24th.

Big Bear Retreat Center is a 2.5 hour drive from Los Angeles. The retreat center is located in the San Bernardino Mountains' ancient Juniper forests, and is located near a national forest. The retreat center also features 1,300 acres of conserved lands. The center is cozy space that resembles a cave. Among the amenities available at Den Meditation include a warm blanket of fleece, soft music and a La-Z-Boy relaxation chair.

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

The Spirit Rock Meditation Center was established in 1988 on 411 acres of land located in northern California's San Geronimo Valley. The organization purchased the land from The Nature Conservancy, an organization that relies on funds for the preservation of the rainforests of South America. The Center adopted the name Woodacre and held its first meetings. The first newsletter was released in 1988. The Center also built a temporary meditation space and administrative office in 1994, and a kitchen/dining hall. Today the Center offers meditation classes or retreats, as well as classes online.

In the masterplan of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a hermitage is included. The hermitage will be built on non-sexist principles while honoring traditional Buddhist renunciation. Traditional Asian monasteries and meditation centres have offered services to the community, offering counseling, meditation practice, and community service. The hermitage serves as a source of spiritual nourishment for the lay sangha. Spirit Rock follows the same principle.

Teachers at Spirit Rock include Ajahn Amaro, Ayya Anandabodhi, Carol Cano, Guy Armstrong, Eugene Cash, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, Kaira Lingo, Louije Kim, Phillip Moffitt, Susanne Smith, Victoria Cary, and Sylvia Boorstein. These teachers are supported by a number of committees.

The Spirit Rock Meditation Center located in Woodacre, California is dedicated to teachings of Buddha in the Vipassana tradition. The center is known for its meditation retreats that are silent and special types of retreats for those who wish to improve their practice. Some retreat formats are designed for families, individual practitioners and metta (loving-kindness) practitioners. It has several programs for those who wish to learn Buddhist meditation in a tranquil atmosphere.

Panditarama Meditation Center

If you're looking to find out more about Buddhism in Myanmar, you should definitely visit the Panditarama Meditation Center. The temple is located in the stunning countryside of Myanmar located on more than 100 acres of forest. It was founded by the Venerable Guiding Teacher U Pandita-bhivamsa, who continues the great lineage of Mahasi Sayadaw. There are separate meditation rooms for women and men. The teachers also interview yoga practitioners in these rooms. You can also walk to the center for meditation.

The Panditarama Meditation Center offers regular, ongoing retreats throughout the year. Individuals are able to schedule individual retreats for a few days or even months at a time. Venerable Vivekananda is the center's teacher. He has been studying with Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw from Myanmar since 1988. He teaches in four different languages, including English and is available to answer any questions regarding the practice of meditation.

Sayadaw U Pandita, a fully ordained monk, has been practising Buddhism since 1956. He studied under Sayadaw U Pandita from Myanmar and earned his rigorous Dhammacariya diploma in 1999. He began translating yogi interviews in 2005, and also assisted foreign yogis at the Panditarama Forest meditation Center. In 2006, he began teaching meditation in Nepal. Since then, he has been teaching yogis at the Panditarama Forest Meditation Center.

After Mahasi Sayadaw U Pandita was the most famous living teacher of Vipassana meditation. He began practicing the meditation at a young age and is considered the foremost meditation teacher of his generation. He has been a teacher of Vipassana meditation for more than 70 years and has led meditation retreats for more than 70 times. In 1989, he established the Panditarama Meditation Center in Yangon. Since then, it has grown to become an important meditation center in Myanmar.

The Panditarama Lumbini International Vipassana Meditation Center is located near the birthplace of Buddha. It is one of the four primary Buddhist pilgrimage sites. This project entails the construction of new monasteries and the redevelopment of existing sites. The center was officially inaugurated on February 7, 1999. The center is affiliated with the Panditarama ShweTaungGonSamadaYeiktha.

Taos Mountain Sangha

The Taos Mountain Sangha is the ideal place to meditate in Taos. This Buddhist center is renowned for its insight meditation classes which is a type of meditation practice that is based on Buddhist principles. It is not a Buddhist monastery but a lay community dedicated to spreading the teachings and values of the Buddha. Taos Mountain Sangha holds weekly meditation sessions and offers classes and retreats to students of all levels.

You could also visit Suan Mokkh, a Buddhist forest monastery that is located about 600 miles to the west of Bangkok. It was established by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, in 1932. It was once thought to be the best Siamese Buddhist teaching center. While Buddhadasa's death has occurred, Vipassanagruppen in Sweden, a non-profit organization dedicated to meditation for insight, continues to hold regular seminars and gatherings. The Taos Mountain Sangha is an affluent community-based meditation center that Marcia Rose runs and is dedicated to Buddhist principles. It offers classes and group meditations.

The center also hosts weekly sangha gatherings, classes, and non-residential retreats. The teacher who guides the CIMC CIMC is Rebecca Bradshaw. The sangha organizes weekly sangha gatherings biannual introduction to mindfulness meditation courses and weekend retreats. Visitors and teachers from other faiths are welcome. Information on online retreats and classes on Buddhism at the Taos Mountain Sangha can also be found here.

The Bhavana society is a Buddhist institution, offers retreats in forests. The Bhikkhu Sangha, or monks who follow the Buddha's teachings, are located on 42 acres of forest close to High View, West Virginia. The center provides a serene environment in which to practice Vipassana meditation. The center is in close proximity to many Buddhist branch monasteries and the founder of Ajahn Chah's school.