Meditation Pillows

Tips For Buying Meditation Pillows

A good meditation pillow is an important part of your meditation equipment. There are many different types, from Zafus and zabutons to Memory foam and cotton. The type of pillow you choose will depend on the purpose of the pillow, and the environment you are trying to create. Here's some advice for buying a meditation pillow. This pillow should be comfortable and provide proper support for your spine. The Zen cushion should be comfortable for you to sit on. It should also be warm and supportive, as meditating should be done with comfort.


Many people are hesitant to purchase zafus because of their high price tag. However, they may not know what they're missing! A zafu is a meditation cushion that is filled with organic buckwheat hulls. These hulls are the traditional filling for zafus, and you can remove them to adjust the height and density. However, buckwheat is heavy, and a cotton zafu will have a lower filling and may be more comfortable.

Zafus come in various heights, although most are about five inches tall. Taller individuals may prefer pillows that are higher. There are different types of zafu, as zabuton cushions are usually large rectangular mats. Some are round, while others are rectangular. Regardless, of size, a zafu cushion will provide comfortable support and elevation for your hips. These cushions are ideal for deep stretching and meditation sessions.

For optimal comfort, choose a pillow with a firm foundation. A cushion with no support will prevent you from entering the zone of meditation. If you're a larger person, consider purchasing a zafu with a larger cushion. For longer sessions, a large cushion will give you more support. The buckwheat hull filling is soft, but firm enough to support your back, knees, and hips.


There are many different styles of zabutons, and the perfect one will depend on your needs. Choose a zabuton that fits your body type and will provide extra support for your lower back and legs. A zabuton that is designed to elevate the hips above the legs is ideal for meditation, and the tassels on the corners can help keep away negative energy while you meditate. While most zabutons have the same basic features, it's important to find one that fits the style and mood that you're trying to achieve.

Some zabutons are more expensive than others but are well-made and comfortable to use. If you're looking for a cheap but comfortable option, you can opt for an organic version. These are filled with buckwheat and are made from high-quality materials. There are many different colors to choose from. However, one thing to keep in mind when selecting a zabuton is that it's not very thick and doesn't offer as much support for the hips as a padded meditation pillow. This type of cushion might not be suitable for people with bad knees.

If you want the most comfortable option, you should choose a zabuton with a high density of three inches of cotton stuffing. It's firm enough to support your head and neck, but soft enough to conform to your body, and you can adjust the filling based on your needs. A zabuton with adjustable support features a zipper along one side for easy access. The zabuton measures 36 inches long and 28 inches wide and three inches high.

Memory foam

A meditation cushion can help you sit in a comfortable and calming environment while practicing your meditative practices. A meditation cushion provides proper seating height, which relieves stress on your joints and allows for a deeper, longer meditation session. These cushions are made with memory foam orthopedic support and feature new shredded foam stuffing for better air flow between the clusters of foam. This product is available in various color options. To find the perfect memory foam meditation pillow for your needs, consider looking at the following options.

A lower-end meditation pillow may not offer the flexibility you need to adjust the density. Lower-quality pillows may be underfilled, making it harder to sit on and get up from. When shopping for a meditation pillow, make sure to pay attention to the manufacturing process. Purchasing a pillow that was made with low-quality labor may have an adverse emotional effect on you. Make sure the company behind your purchase adheres to high standards of product quality.

Premium materials and quality construction make this meditation pillow ideal for long-term use. The pillow's ergonomic design helps align your spine and prevents painful pressure points. Besides, it relieves your aching joints and prevents numbness and other uncomfortable effects associated with sitting for prolonged periods. This pillow also provides support for your hips and helps your body relax. Its washable cotton cover allows you to easily clean it when you want to.


If you're considering purchasing a cotton meditation pillow, you'll find that cotton is easy to dye and style. You can match the color of the cushion to your favorite color, or even the theme of your meditation room. Aesthetics are important in meditation, as they help to promote calmness and concentration. If you find the ocean to be calming, for instance, then you might want to use sea colors as your room's theme. To make this theme more calming, choose a sea-themed cushion with similar hues.

Another option is the combination pad. This cushion has two parts: a foam block that angles forward to provide a triangular meditation position, and a six-panel apron that stretch out in front for your legs and feet. You can easily pack this pad in a bag, and it is durable and reusable. This pad is also easy to wash and has a carrying handle for easy storage. You can remove or add filling to suit your needs.

The cotton zafu is another good option. These are filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls, and are double-stitched for durability. There are many different sizes available, and the Zabuton mat is designed to fit your particular body shape. A zafu is also an excellent choice for people who are interested in practicing meditation. You can choose one of these with a zipper opening to keep it clean. You can also choose the size that best suits your needs or invest in two or three, if you want to be more creative.


Embroidery on meditation pillows can help you relax and get into a deeper state of meditation. Meditation can be a daunting task and using a cushion can make it easier. Meditation pillows are specially designed to support the body during meditation and help you transcend your ordinary experiences and limitations. Meditation pillows are comfortable and convenient to use anywhere. Unlike traditional pillow cases, meditation pillows don't require an insert to keep the head and back supporting while you meditate. These pillows are filled with a hundred percent cotton.

Many zafus, which are traditional zafus, have beautiful mandala embroidery. They've been used in Asia for centuries and are the perfect size for sitting meditation. They create pelvic tilt which helps you sit taller and with a lifted chest. They convert any chair into a tilt seat and are available in sizes that fit comfortably around the pelvis. You can buy a cushion for self-sacralized sitting, or a meditation pillow for use in a room.

Embroidery on meditation pillows can add a touch of class to a corner or room. Round zafu shapes look especially lovely and are a great way to add style to a meditation corner or meditation room. Whether you choose a meditation cushion for yourself or a loved one, you'll never go wrong with an embroidery on a meditation pillow. It's a great way to add a little designer style to a gift that's sure to be appreciated.


Before purchasing a meditation pillow, it is important to consider your height and build. If you are short, a shorter pillow will probably be better. If you are tall, choose a larger pillow, as a taller cushion will give you more space to stretch your legs. In addition, the height of the meditation pillow will depend on your flexibility, so a long pillow may not be suited for you. The best way to determine what size meditation pillow you will need is to try a few out in a store.

The height of the cushion is usually expressed by the width of the cylindrical band. A standard cushion is 13 cm high, which is the proper height for a cross-legged posture. But you may prefer a taller or smaller pillow, and these are available in a wide range of sizes. Some meditation pillows are adjustable in height, so you can easily find one that suits your needs. You can also get a cushion with a removable cover.

While buckwheat hull is a natural fiber, it will eventually compress with prolonged use. The best pillow will be large enough to support your body and provide adequate comfort. Moreover, you can find these cushions in a wide range of colors and sizes. Buying a pillow that fits your body's dimensions will give you the right support for the entire meditation process. You can read more about the benefits of a meditation pillow here!


If you're looking for a meditation pillow with ergonomic design, you'll want to start with an inexpensive model. These pillows come with a 100% cotton cover and a buckwheat core that can be removed or added to the cushion to achieve the firmness you want. A good meditation pillow will reduce fatigue, improve posture, and allow you to meditate for longer periods of time. You'll also appreciate its removable, washable cotton cover.

Another important aspect of a meditation pillow is its size. Ideally, you should buy one that's tall enough to support you while sitting for extended periods. If you're short, you should choose a shorter pillow, while longer individuals should choose a taller pillow. In general, a taller pillow is better for people with limited flexibility. A smaller pillow may be better for someone who is able to stretch deeply and comfortably.

If you're traveling a lot for your practice, a zafu cushion is a convenient option. It's easy to carry on a plane and can provide familiarity while at a meditation center. Unlike memory foam, buckwheat pillows are inexpensive and can last for years without needing to be replaced. You can also buy an aromatherapy pillow to enhance the ambiance. Jasmine and lavender have both were known to help you achieve a relaxed state of mind during meditation.