Yoga Outfit

Tips For Choosing a Yoga Outfit

Choosing the right yoga outfit is vital. You want your outfit to be comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking, as well as insulating. If you're not sure how to choose the right outfit for your workout, follow our tips for selecting a yoga outfit. This way you can ensure that your outfit will keep you warm and dry even in the hottest days. Below, we've listed the most important factors to consider when buying a yoga outfit.


A comfortable yoga outfit should be easy to move in. The color of your outfit doesn't have to match your yoga practice. Your fellow yoga practitioners often opt for comfort over style. Here are a few tips for choosing a yoga outfit:

Look for sports bras that are soft and stretchy. Choose one with a high waist and no-slip waistband for the perfect fit during a hot yoga session. A sports bra with a strappy silhouette and removable pads can help keep you comfortable during long practices. Look for ethical yoga apparel and wear something comfortable and stylish. A sports bra with removable pads gives you extra support and a flattering look outside of the studio.

For pants, try a pair of Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Capri leggings. These are designed to be comfortable and support your core. They feature a four-way stretch material and a 5" high waistband. If you don't practice yoga regularly, these pants are an excellent choice for everyday wear. The high waistband is easy to adjust and the fabric wicks moisture away from your skin.

While you're practicing yoga, you'll want to wear clothing that's both comfortable and breathable. Fortunately, there are several options to choose from. Modern yoga clothing includes a variety of details that can improve airflow, including vents and gaps in the material. Cropped tops, racerbacks, and other detailed designs also help you stay comfortable during your practice. Below are some tips for choosing a breathable yoga outfit.

First, look for fabrics that are made of breathable material. While this is not as important as a thin t-shirt or a pair of tights, breathable fabric is always better than no fabric at all. During a yoga class or workout, you're going to sweat a lot. If you're wearing shorts, you'll also sweat while on the weight machine or on cardio machines. Plus, more fabric helps you grip the equipment more securely, and it keeps you comfortable and cool.

In addition to breathable material, yoga clothes should be made from fabric that's odor-resistant and moisture-wicking. Wool, which is typically associated with heavy, winter clothing, is another good option for yoga clothing. Unlike cotton, merino wool is soft and wicks away moisture. Avoid cotton, as it absorbs moisture and is slow to dry. Alternatively, a synthetic fabric is better than cotton for yoga clothing. Lastly, breathable fabric will prevent you from sweating too much and feeling cold after a class.


It's hard to go wrong with a moisture-wicking yoga outfit, as it can keep you cool while reducing odor and stains. Many women choose to wear wool yoga pants, which are soft and durable, but cotton is one of the worst fabrics for yoga. Cotton absorbs moisture quickly and dries slowly, making it unsuitable for yoga practice. A moisture-wicking yoga outfit can help keep you cool during your workout, while ventilating fabric increases airflow.

The best material for a moisture-wicking yoga outfit is a polyester-spandex blend. This type of fabric is ideal for most yoga classes, but you can find a high-quality one from many companies. Lycra is the same material as spandex, but some brands use a trademarked fabric called spandex. It is not as easy to find, but it is available just about anywhere that sells fabric.

The best moisture-wicking yoga outfits are breathable and made from fabrics that allow sweat to quickly evaporate. A high-tech weaving pattern allows moisture to escape through capillary gaps in the fabric, allowing it to dry more quickly. You should also avoid using fabric softener on these types of active wear. If you're looking to purchase a moisture-wicking yoga outfit, make sure to take the time to research the different fabrics.


You may be wondering how to get yoga outfits that are eco-friendly. The good news is that there are many brands that make eco-friendly options. Girlfriend Collective, for example, offers yoga attire made with organic cotton, recycled materials, and cupro. These fabrics come from plastic water bottles, fishing nets, and other waste products. Eco-friendly dyes are also used, and Girlfriend uses recycled materials, including cupro, which is derived from cotton industry waste.

Bamboo Clothing uses the bamboo plant for manufacturing. This eco-friendly clothing is made in ethically-run factories in Turkey, China, and Portugal. Most of their clothing is produced using TENCEL(tm) regenerated cotton. Bamboo Clothing also focuses on ethically made products, sourcing as many materials as possible from local communities. The company also uses only organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics. Its products are made in small batches, so they are not affecting the environment as they are manufactured.

Dharma is another company making yoga outfits that are eco-friendly. The company's recycled plastic bottle material is made of 70% recycled nylon, making them a great choice for eco-conscious yogis. Most of the fabrics Dharma uses for its clothing are certified by the OEKO-TEX and Made Green programs. Their manufacturing practices have resulted in saving about 1.5 million liters of water and recycling nearly as much plastic.

Made of plant-based materials

A yoga outfit made from 100% plant-based materials can be both stylish and eco-friendly. The eco-conscious prAna company designs activewear for yogis with organic cotton, TENCEL(tm) Lyocell, recycled nylon and polyester, and hemp. Their eco-friendly materials are safe for the environment and are also comfortable to wear. Here are three places to buy yoga attire made from plant-based materials.

Choose a yoga outfit made from recycled materials or GOTS-certified organic cotton. Both of these certifications guarantee that the clothing is free of harmful chemicals. GOTS-certified fabric eliminates harmful chemicals and has minimal impact on waterways and landfills. Fair trade certifications are another way to ensure a yoga outfit is ethical. Lastly, look for a brand that supports sustainable materials and embraces circular fashion.

If you're looking for a boutique that specializes in sustainable yoga clothes, try Made Trade. This company makes sustainable yoga clothes, vegan winter coats, ethical jewelry, and more. The website is easy to navigate and lets you choose a yoga outfit made of sustainable materials. Some brands offset 100% of their carbon emissions and have eco-friendly practices. These companies are also responsible for the quality of their products. They don't use toxic chemicals in their clothing, and they don't use toxic dyes.