Earth's Healing

Earth's Healing - A Woman-Owned Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Earth's Healing, a Colombian-based company, is a woman-owned business with a focus on helping patients. They have two ATMs and accept cash. Customers are encouraged check their social media pages and send them questions via email to receive deals. Parking is abundant at the location. Vicky Puchi Saavedra, the owner of the business will be discussed in this article. This article will provide you with a brief overview of the clinic's services and its mission.

Vicky Puchi Saavedra is the owner/operator at Earth's Healing.

In Tucson, there's only one other dispensary that is owned by women, but Vicky Puchi-Saavedro plans to change this. In between four and six weeks, she's planning to move to a new location where she'll expand her operation as well as add more strains to her dispensary. In the meantime, she plans to recruit more employees and establish a brand.

The relationship between Tucson-area dispensaries and those in Southern Arizona is collegial and supportive, which is different from the relationship between national players who haven't yet been allowed to sell recreational marijuana in Arizona. Eddie Puchi-Saavedra's son, Puchi Saavedra is the new manager of the 12,000 square foot lab. The dispensary also launched an cannabis CBD focused operation in Colombia.

The dispensary is the third to open in Pima County. Elephant Head Farm opened a dispensary in Tucson in August of 2015. Although none of the three companies are currently selling their products within Pima County they said that the decision to open a dispensary within Santa Cruz County was based on climate, accessibility resources and the zoning regulations.

She runs a business owned by women

The most distinctive benefit of a Tucson marijuana dispensary named Earth's Healing is that its owner is a woman. Magie Saavedra is the company's director. The company was founded by Magie Saavedra to help her community. Her mother, a successful businesswoman, launched the dispensary in her hometown. It has grown internationally since then.

In 2011, the company was established. Earth S Healing, LLC has grown to two locations since the opening of its first dispensary on Benson Highway in Tucson, Arizona. The company later was a home-based operation with plans to create its own brand. The company has fought through many obstacles through the years, such as being the first female to be in an industry that is predominantly male. Initially, Elliott hired family members and friends to help run the business. She had six employees by the beginning of her first year . She had expanded her business to include two locations.

She is expanding her business to Colombia

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The environmental protection aspect is vital to the long-term sustainability of the Colombian landscape. The country is currently experiencing an rapid increase in deforestation. Despite efforts to tackle deforestation as well as the military's increased deforestation. The Colombian government is trying to tackle the issue by enhancing its environmental protection efforts by strengthening its judiciary system. As the deforestation crisis persists the Earth's healing movement is expanding into Colombia.

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She is a patient-focused nurse.

The Tucson-area dispensary Earth's Healing began in a small shop on Benson Highway and soon expanded to two dispensaries. They also plan to launch their own dispensary brand. It has encountered many obstacles and hurdles in opening a shop, but has managed to incorporate close family and friends into its staff. It currently employs six employees and also offers online ordering. The menu is frequently updated.

Apart from helping humans, Healing Earth's ethic stresses the value of the natural world. The use of resources should be only permitted when the resources are healthy and capable of fulfilling an essential role in the ecosystem. It should also be enough to meet the human future requirements. For example, using honeybees sustainably respects their intrinsic value as well as their future. The healing approach also addresses climate change as well as other environmental problems.

She accepts cash

You can also visit Earth's Healing in Tucson, Arizona, if you prefer to pay in cash. They accept cash, check and all major credit cards. PayPal is also accepted. There are no appointments required and parking is plentiful. You can even pay with cash onlinethrough PayPal. The company cannot warrant the accuracy of information found on external websites. Please read the terms and conditions and privacy policies before using any external resource. Visit their website for more information.

Two ATMs are accessible on-site

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They're also professional. The employees have a range of backgrounds, education and experience, as well as knowledge in the field of medical cannabis. Everyone has something valuable to offer, from experienced budtenders who have experience in therapy to recent college graduates. The staff is pleased to serve Tucson and spends as many hours with patients as they require. Earth's Healing is located on the east of Tucson and has two ATMs.

She offers discounts for veterans and seniors.

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