Literary Agents For Yoga Books

We can help you if you are considering writing a book on yoga, but don't know how to find an agent. We'll discuss the Irene Goodman Literary Agency and Coombs Moylett Maclean. We'll also talk about the services offered by Elizabeth Kracht. Each agency will have its own view of the publishing process.

Irene Goodman Literary Agency

The agency was founded by Irene Goodman, the Irene Goodman Literary Agency is home to authors from a variety of genres who have written popular yoga books. Her clients are consistently ranked at the top of the New York Times bestseller lists, USA Today bestseller lists, Publishers Weekly bestseller lists and Bookscan bestseller lists. She represents yoga-related authors as well as those who write on travel and meditation. She is represented by Barbara Poelle. She can also be found on Twitter.

Coombs Moylett Maclean

The Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency is the perfect choice for yoga book authors. Its members are active in publishing and have a lot of contacts in the United States as well as overseas. The agency has a long history placing books with major publishers. Folio Literary Management is also available to assist yoga book authors. The established literary agency welcomes writers of all levels. It gives writers the chance to have their work seen by a wide public.

Waterside Productions is a publisher of adult non-fiction books for adults. They also specialize in yoga book authors. Their clients include AARP, Harvard Health Publications and City Tavern. They offer marketing support and collaborate with experts in the field. Coombs Moylett Maclean is a good choice for yoga-related books as well as non-fiction writers in the wellness industry. You may also want to contact Linda Konner Literary Agency, an established agency that is specialized in writing yoga-related books.

Elena Moylett, a senior literary agent at Coombs Moylett Maclean in London is a skilled copywriter who is specialized in the writing of yoga books. Her background in human biology gave her an extensive understanding of mental health. She joined the agency in 2017 and is currently working on her first book on yoga. Elena is also available to take on clients such as Rachel Kelly, a mental health advocate with a background in yoga.

Leslie Meredith

Read this article if ever thought about whether Leslie Meredith would be the ideal agent to represent your yoga book. Her experience as an editor at Simon & Schuster has been more than 15 years. During this time she also studied the art of storytelling, which transformed average novels into bestsellers. Leslie has a wide range of interests, including memoir, psychology, science, and nature. Additionally she is drawn to books that focus on the connection between the mind and body.

Leslie Meredith was an editor at Simon & Schuster before joining DG&B. She also served as an agent at Mary Evans Inc. Leslie assisted authors in taking their ideas from concept to final manuscript. Leslie represents yoga-related books as well as nonfiction on romance, sports, subcultures and passions. Leslie Meredith represents authors who examine the relationship between sports and meditation.

Elizabeth Kracht

As a literary agent Elizabeth Kracht can help you find the right publisher for your yoga book. Kracht represents commercial, literary and nonfiction books. She has experience as an acquisitions editor, freelance publicist, and writer. Elizabeth Kracht began her publishing career in Puerto Rico where she received her BA in English. Later, she was a freelance copyeditor and writer. After working in many different roles, Kracht realized her passion for book publishing. Her passion for writing stems from her close relationships with authors and writers.

Elizabeth Kracht's diverse background influences her approach to this field. She is a fan of writing that is infused with deep thought, reflection and rich thematic layers. She has worked for She Writes Press, Hunter House Publishers, and Turner Publishing's imprint Turner Publishing. She specializes in self-help, and sexuality. She also offers contract consulting as well as editing manuscripts and author platforms.

If you're an author who is interested in submitting a yoga-related book, you'll need to make an impressive pitch. The agent covers all genres, but she's focused on self-help, relationships, pop culture, parenting, career, and business books. She is particularly interested in books that have a clear benefit for readers and their lives. She also appreciates yoga books that tackle issues that are related to popular culture parenting, relationships, and parenting.

Amy Brewer

Literary agents who are knowledgeable in yoga are recommended to contact if you are interested in writing about it. Some of these agents include Amy Brewer, a literary agent at Metamorphosis Literary Agency. Brewer is a certified yoga teacher, and co-author of Texting Prince Charming. She also represents authors interested in writing books on meditation and yoga. Her clients include bestselling authors as well as newcomers.

You might think about publishing a book on yoga that is contemporary in young adult, or children's format. Many people have difficulty finding books of this type however Brewer's contacts can help you find a publisher who will publish your work. Brewer is also a yoga instructor with a yoga background. She will assist you in getting your work published and get the exposure you require to reach the masses.