Spiritual Crystals

Choosing Spiritual Crystals For Guidance

If you're looking for a spiritual crystal to use for guidance, consider purchasing a Tanzanite. This stone's gentle energy is a magnet for guardian angels. Tanzanite clears the Crown chakra, Heart chakra, and Third Eye chakra, which make it easier to receive spiritual guidance. When choosing a crystal, choose one that is light blue or clear, because these crystals make it easier to hear from the spiritual realm. Light blue crystals are particularly helpful for receiving guidance. You may be surprised at the things you've missed.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful, loving energy that is capable of influencing and healing all parts of the human body. Its power can help you overcome negative self-talk and feelings about your physical appearance. It is said to promote courage, confidence, and assertiveness. It can help you overcome shyness and encourage you to come out of your shell. It can also be used to treat physical ailments, such as acne and bruises.

Intensely blue in color, lapis lazuli is one of the most powerful spiritual crystals known. It is a great choice for a meditation room as it helps expand the mind and enlighten one's intuition. It can also help relieve negative thoughts and frustrations. It is also beneficial for people who engage in rigorous physical activity such as running, hiking, and yoga. Lapis lazuli can help you learn how to communicate better and be more effective in your relationships.

Choosing to wear a Lapis Lazuli necklace is an excellent way to feel more connected to your inner self. The stone helps open up the throat chakra and promotes open communication and truth. Lapis Lazuli can also enhance your abilities to channel the other side and access the Akashic Records. It has many uses and is definitely worth the investment. This stone is one of the most valuable spiritual crystals available today!

The color of Lapis Lazuli is deep blue, sometimes called indigo. Its flecks of gold are fragments of pyrite. Its deep blue color is so intense it can also be etched with white veins. When used as a spiritual crystal, it can be charged to enhance your intuition. However, it is important to clean Lapis Lazuli properly so that it is free from bacteria and other environmental contaminants.

It can enhance your organization skills, and it is powerful in creating clarity and depth in thinking. If used as a talisman, it may inspire creativity and inspire you to do new things. It can also help align psychic abilities with the Divine Will. It can also help you to protect your sensitive soul. And, what's more, it can help you to overcome stress and find inner balance. This crystal can bring many benefits to your life.

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a popular choice among spiritual crystals and is said to bring love, passion, and courage. It is a powerful healing crystal that can be placed anywhere, including over the heart. Invocations can be performed while holding it and its energy can be felt by people around it. Despite its name, rose quartz is a hard stone to crack. Its pink color makes it appealing to many people, especially those who desire to be close to the heart of their beloved.

The color of rose quartz is a pinkish shade, ranging from a light pink to a reddish hue. This beautiful color has many spiritual properties, including empathy and compassion. The energy it transmits is gentle and soothing, and can help heal broken relationships. Among other properties, the crystal is known to help heal the mind, body, and soul. The rose quartz color also enables a person to connect with the Divine through the heart.

This healing stone helps to restore balance in the heart chakra, which is responsible for nurturing intimacy. It is particularly useful for resolving emotional issues. Rose quartz can help you move on with your life and deal with past traumas. It can help you overcome feelings of grief and sadness. It can also help you get in touch with your creativity. You can also use this stone to set a beautiful centerpiece for your home. A rose quartz plate is a beautiful decoration for the home.

A rose quartz is an excellent birthstone for Librans. It helps Librans tune into their true thoughts and cast aside superficial fantasy. Assyrians believed rose quartz to bring love and fertility, so it is fitting for a Libran's birthstone. A Libran is constantly striving to balance her feelings, and rose quartz helps her to do just that. Its rose color makes it easier to focus on what is really important to them and how they affect others.


Sunstone is a variety of Feldspar, which is linked to luck. It is a powerful crystal, clearing all the chakras, and boosting intuition. It can be used to clear blocks in the sacral chakra, restore one's power, and improve the immune system. It can also help people manifest their goals. Sunstone is a great stone for people who tend to be clingy or afraid of saying no.

This stone has a long and colorful history. It is a feldspar crystal with a shimmering, glittery appearance when held at certain angles. The sunstone's sparkle comes from inclusions of various minerals beneath its surface, including hematite, goethite, and copper. In addition to these, Sunstone has a luminous luster and is known to cleanse the sacral chakra and bring about feelings of abundance and prosperity.

The sunstone promotes personal power and independence, and is said to attract success and wealth. It promotes good health and is helpful for setting boundaries. It helps to reverse feelings of failure and self-doubt, and boosts one's self-esteem. It is also useful for lifting one's spirits in difficult times. Regardless of its properties, sunstone will make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Sunstone can help people find true love. It has been known to increase sexual energy and strengthen relationships. People who wear it will feel more confident and happy. It also helps to remove feelings of rejection and discrimination. It can also help people understand the importance of nurturing themselves. It can be a wonderful crystal to use in relationships. So how does sunstone work? Let's take a closer look at it. Here are some of its benefits:

One of the benefits of Sunstone is its high vibration. It absorbs negativity and transforms it into light. When used with Moonstone, it can help heal areas in the physical and emotional realms. This stone is great for healing work, but it must be cleansed properly to be effective. If you haven't cleansed Sunstone properly, you can do so in a few ways. A simple cleansing ritual containing sea salt and distilled water will do the trick. You should avoid placing Sunstone near a window or in direct sunlight because direct sunlight can damage it. For a more gentle cleansing, you can also immerse Sunstone in sage or sweetgrass, or in selenite.


For many people, Celestite is the most important spiritual crystal. This is because it has expansive, healing properties. Its high frequency allows it to reach different levels of consciousness very quickly. It can boost intuition and help you explore your psychic powers. Despite being a common crystal used by many spiritual seekers, Celestite is a little slower to change your energy centers than some other crystals. It may not change them immediately, but it will allow you to benefit from the experience for a long time to come.

For people who use celestite to access the spirit world, this stone encourages self-awareness. It fosters clarity and calmness. It helps you communicate with your loved ones. Celestite can also serve as a springboard for connecting to your higher purpose or finding a spirit guide. Its ability to facilitate communication between you and the spirit world can make it a very powerful crystal. If you are searching for the right crystal for you, Celestite is your answer.

The Celestite is a high vibrational stone that activates the crown chakra and third eye. It opens the energy channels between the chakras, allowing the user to receive psychic messages that are in service to their life path. People have reported experiencing astral projection and ESP with this crystal. Other reports include vivid dreams and lucid dreams. It is beneficial for those who want to become a visionary business owner.

A Celestite is best worn as a pendant, brooch, or hair clip. It should be worn over the heart and near the center of the forehead, the seat of the third eye chakra. It is also useful for house Feng Shui. Its power is enhanced by the presence of a clear quartz crystal in a room with high levels of light. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a spiritual crystal for a long-term relationship.

Celestite is a geode crystal that can be found in far-off locations. It is made from Strontium Sulfate, the same substance that makes the sparks in fireworks blue. It is the perfect crystal for those seeking enticing new experiences. Its shimmering high frequency will bring you prismatic perfection. And if you've been searching for a spiritual crystal that can help you achieve enlightenment, the Celestite is the one.