Spiritual Shops Near Me

Are you looking for spiritual shops near me? If so, you have come to the right place. Here you will find information about several places in your area. From Botanica Esoterica to Heritage Apothecary, there's a wide variety of items available for the curious shopper. And in addition to products, these stores also have workshops, masterclasses, and spiritual guides. Whether you're looking for a new way to approach life or just want to learn more about the spiritual side of things, you'll find them all in these stores.

Botanica Esoterica

Whether you're seeking a new way to heal yourself or are just interested in mystical arts, there are many Botanica Esoterica spiritual shops around. You'll find everything from crystal jewelry to tarot decks to smudge sticks at one of these stores. You'll also find a wide variety of books and other spiritual supplies at these stores. And, of course, you'll want to visit one of them!


Whether you want to practice astrology or use your magical knowledge to protect yourself and your loved ones, you'll find a variety of products at Seagrape Spiritual Shops near me. The shop also offers astrology lessons and workshops on Mercury retrograde self-defense. You can even get a psychic reading and learn about the spiritual lives of your pet at the store. Arati Ursus prepares herbal cigarettes for online customers and has been practicing herbalism for over 10 years.


You may be looking for a COVID spiritual shop near me and you're not sure where to look. Perhaps you're in the New York area, or you are searching for a spiritual shop near 2 Mulberry St. If so, you're in luck! The stores featured below have been selected for their quality and popularity. Listed below are just a few of the shops that you may want to consider.

Heritage Apothecary

If you are looking for a spiritual shop near me, the Heritage Apothecary is the right place to shop. They carry herbs and smudge sticks, as well as smudge bowls, crystals, and incense. You'll also find smudge sticks and chakra sets that will help you clear your energy and manifest your desires. The store also sells crystal jewelry, and Lala Inuti Ahari, a world-renowned Vodou divinity specialist, offers her signature conjure and smudge sticks, as well as Dream Pillows.

If you're a fan of shamanism, you'll love this store! They have an extensive selection of spiritual oils and candles, and you can buy bulk versions to save even more money. The store also has workshops on meditation, past-life regression, and womb healing. If you're a Santeria practitioner, you'll love Nu-Botanics. Their candle selection is extensive, and they carry many of the essential oils and fragrances you use for Santeria.

Namaste Bookshop

When you're looking for a place to buy spiritual books and other related items, you might want to visit the Namaste Bookshop. This store specializes in Eastern philosophy books and other items related to meditation. It also carries tarot cards and crystals. In this store, you can purchase everything you need for a successful meditation session. This store also sells tarot cards, as well as other items related to Eastern philosophy.

You can visit the store's original location at 80 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York. There's a red awning that announces its presence, and two neon signs that advertise the store's presence. When you enter the store, you'll see a large Buddha statue, a smaller Ganesh statue, and several different crystals on display. The window displays are adorned with candles and crystals, which add to the meditative atmosphere.

Another great option is Moovit, a free transit app with over 930 million users. You can download the app to your desktop, laptop, or mobile to get directions to Aum Namaste Bookshop. Moovit also provides information on bus costs. In case you don't know where to go or what to expect when you get there, Moovit can help you find the way to your destination.