Yoga Bolster

Different Types of Yoga Bolsters

There are several different types of yoga bolsters, from Manduka to Waterglider Pranamaya to the Hugger Mugger. If you're looking for a yoga bolster, you'll find what you're looking for in this article. These bolsters can help you get into a great yoga pose and offer real support. They're not a pillow, like most people think. So how do you know which one to get?


If you're an active yoga enthusiast, you may want to invest in a Manduka yoga bolster. This durable yoga prop is designed for the comfort and support of your body during poses. Its enlight fabric cover is made from 30% recycled fiber, and you can easily remove it to clean it. The polyester fiber core of the bolster provides a firm cushion for your body during yoga exercises. The bolster's microfiber filling helps keep it firm, even after repeated use.

The padded back support of the Manduka yoga bolster is a key feature of this mat. It is an ideal place to relax your head and neck while practicing yoga, and the soft, absorbent cover is easy to remove for washing. The core of the bolster is made of 30% recycled polyester, which is a great source of sustainable fiber for bolsters. The fabric is durable and comfortable to use, and the handles are stitched to keep it in place.

The design of the Manduka yoga bolster is made to withstand the pressure of the poses. The brand understands that yogis have different needs and wants, but the company embraced a variety of different styles to make their products more durable and eco-friendly. This philosophy translates to an eco-friendly bolster, and a yoga accessory that works well for many people. It also has many uses in everyday life, from preventing injuries, to helping people find peace with their bodies.

The Supportive Round Yoga Bolster is a good option for beginners. This yoga bolster has a firm foam core and a cotton batting cover for comfort. Machine-washable, it may lose its shape after frequent use. The Supportive Round Bolster is 28 inches long, ten inches wide, and has handles on each end. It is not big enough to be used in yoga classes, but it's still a great choice for beginners.

The airCORE technology of the Manduka bolster is another benefit. It prevents sagging, unlike traditional cloth filled bolsters. Its outer cover is machine-washable, and made from 100% cotton. The Manduka bolster is also environmentally-friendly, and it's constructed with post-consumer recycled plastic. A yoga mat can last for years if you care for it properly, but a poorly made yoga bolster can damage the floor.

Waterglider Pranamaya

When you're ready for the ultimate yin yoga experience, consider investing in a Waterglider Pranamaya yoga-bolster. These bolsters feature an organic cotton batting fill and a longer, thinner shape, which makes them ideal for extended poses like shoulderstand and cobra. The firm, padded material is very supportive and holds its shape well under your body's weight. Waterglider's bolsters are also made in India, which means you'll be supporting a traditional Indian design and style.

The Waterglider Pranamaya yoga-bolster weighs 12 pounds and has a carrying handle for convenience. While it is not your regular yoga prop, this bolster will serve you for many years to come. Some users have noted that the fabric is rough and may be too scratchy for sensitive skin. Lint is a problem as well, so it's best to keep your bolster away from furry animals.

While the water-filled foam filling is a bit less absorbent than that found in some other yoga bolsters, it's worth it. The Waterglider Pranamaya is an excellent choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly, organic yoga bolster. It is made of 100% organic cotton and is designed to open your heart and chest during yoga poses. It's also very sturdy and stable, but costs a little more than other bolsters.

The Waterglider Pranamaya yoga-bolster is a versatile piece of equipment that will provide ample support for a variety of asanas. The top and bottom portions of the bolster are extra wide and deep, making it an ideal addition to any yoga practice. It also features handles on both sides for portability. A cover for the bolster is made of upholstery-grade cotton, which makes it easy to care for.


The patterned Buckwheat Bolster is an elegant choice that features a purple mandala design on a Jute/Cotton blend material. A bolster filled with buckwheat will conform to your body for a plush, supportive experience, while a patterned bolster is easy to transport. Both features make the bolster a practical item for your yoga studio.

The bolsters are made of organic buckwheat hulls and are hand-crafted in the EU. The bolsters are filled with re-stuffable organic buckwheat hulls, and feature a sturdy carry handle for easy mobility. The bolsters meet all UK fire regulations. A great choice for a yogi's home yoga practice, a buckwheat bolster can offer support and stability during your daily routine.

The Brentwood Home buckwheat bolster comes with a stylish shell-like pattern stitching. Its buckwheat fill is firm and durable, and makes the bolster heavier than other bolsters on the market. Another nice feature is its double-stitched carrying handle. Both handles are embossed with tree emblems. These bolsters are ideal for meditating or practicing yoga, and are a great addition to any home studio.

A buckwheat bolster can provide support and comfort during any yoga practice. Its natural buckwheat hulls make it a perfect prop for restorative yoga and meditation. OEKO-TEX certified cotton lining makes it easy to clean and maintain. One can even wash it in the machine and it won't smell! You'll never have to worry about a buckwheat bolster smelling like cotton!

If you're looking for a budget-friendly buckwheat yoga bolster, Paravati has an excellent option. It's filled with organic buckwheat hulls, making it a gentler choice than a standard cotton batting bolster. It's also adjustable for firmness, and comes in several colors to match any yoga studio's decor. A good choice for restorative yoga classes!

A buckwheat yoga bolster will provide comfort for the yogi's body as she performs poses. A thick buckwheat bolster will also provide support for the lower back in savasana. A buckwheat bolster is an excellent choice if you're looking for a yoga bolster that will make every posture more comfortable. It will also provide an extra layer of cushion between your body and yoga mat, allowing you to enjoy all of its benefits.

Hugger Mugger

If you're a serious yogi, the Hugger Mugger standard yoga bolster is a must-have. Its firm and stable core is the perfect match for many yoga poses. Plus, it features a comfortable and durable upholstery-grade cover. You can purchase it in four colors to match your personal taste. When shopping for a bolster, make sure you find one with a breathable material to prevent chafing.

The standard Hugger Mugger bolster is available in several attractive colors, including black, blue, and green. It also has carrying handles at each end. The Gaiam Sol Round Bolster is designed with a stable center, and it measures a comfortable 25.5 inches long and nine inches wide. The size of these bolsters depends on the model and your body type. The bolster should be large enough to cover your body comfortably while practicing yoga.

The Hugger Mugger pranayama bolster is also made of organic cotton and contains natural cup ok fiber harvested from a sustainable tree called the kapok. This type of bolster is perfect for seated breathing exercises and savasana. The bolster is hand-made in the USA from upholstery-grade materials. Available in blue or plum, the bolster is also environmentally-friendly.

The price for this bolster is slightly higher than other bolsters on the market, but you won't have to worry about your wallet as it supports a good cause and is incredibly durable. If you're a yogi who cares about the environment, it's worth considering the Hugger Mugger bolster. The company behind it also offers an extended warranty for its product, and its reviews are mostly positive.

Hugger Mugger's eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly yoga bolster is made of a mix of recycled foam and eco-suede. Its concentrated core ensures durability and comfort. The dual-layer design also keeps the bolster firm and supports the spine. The bolster also features a removable machine-washable pillowcase for convenience. Aside from eco-suede material, this bolster is also vegan-friendly.