Yoga Hosers

Yoga Hosers Review

If you've ever wanted to look like Colleen Colette or Colleen McKenzie, you've come to the right place. Yoga hosers are not just for the gym. They are also fashionable, and you'll see the actresses in the Kevin Smith sequel to Tusk, Violence. These women have embraced their inner yogi by sexy-moms. They've also taken their yoga hosings to the movies, including Kevin Smith's latest.
Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie are yoga hosers

This movie is a spin-off from Kevin Smith's 2014 film Tusk. The two best friends live together in Winnipeg, Canada, and spend their free time doing Yoga, playing video games, and chatting on their cell phones. One day, Colleen and McKenzie are invited to a Senior's party, where they accidentally uncover an ancient evil.

As a result, the two sisters find themselves working at their family's store, Eh-2-Zed. They are forced to work in a stressful job, so they decide to take advantage of high school seniors and have some fun. Unfortunately, the two kids are murdered by mysterious creatures. Hunter and Gordon plan to sacrifice the Colleens, but the Colleens are unintentionally sacrificed.

The two best friends from Winnipeg are a high school sophomore and an internet celebrity. They work in a convenience store owned by Colleen C's father, who is the owner of the store. While working in Eh-2-Zed, they also play drums in a Glamthrax cover band. Hunter Calloway, the object of Colleen's affection, invites them to his birthday party.

Kevin Smith's sequel to Tusk

"Yoga Hosers," the follow-up to Kevin Smith's acclaimed comedy Tusk, premieres this Sunday at midnight during the Sundance Film Festival. It stars Harley Quinn Smith as a neophyte yoga instructor, Johnny Depp as a Quebec manhunter, Genesis Rodriguez as Colleen McKenzie, and Tyler Posey as a sarcastic convenience store clerk.

This comedy-horror thriller is the sequel to Kevin Smith's 2014 hit Tusk. The film stars Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith as two teenage girls who miss their senior party. They must survive a terrifying attack from a gang of tiny sausage nazis, known as "Bratzis." And they do it in their own unique way.

The film's sequel is a rehash of much of Smith's previous work, with some promising moments. It's also rife with random nonsense that doesn't make much sense. And it's far from polished, either. While it features some good performances from Long and Sasheer Zamata, it ultimately feels like a rehash of material from Smith's previous work. Colleens' dialogue sounds like something out of a teenage video game.

Kevin Smith doesn't seem to be threatening his fans with an early retirement. But he's not afraid to try different genres. The sequel to Tusk is a romp through the horror genre. It also includes comedy. While the original movie was a flop commercially, Smith reveals that he's working on a sequel. It's hard to imagine how that could work with his already-proven talent.

After the success of Tusk, Kevin Smith is now working on Moose Jaws, the third installment of the True North trilogy. The sequel is billed as "Jaws with a moose." Lily-Rose Depp will reprise her role as Colleens. The film also has a slew of high-profile stars.

The director has become quite busy lately. The director has been putting together Mallrats 2 and Clerks 3 in addition to his newest film, Tusk. But he's still working on Moose Jawas, which would wrap up his True North trilogy. For more fun with Kevin Smith, visit his YouTube channel! And don't forget to subscribe to his podcast for more great content.

The actors are terrific in both films. Harley Quinn Smith has a great screen presence, while Lily-Rose Depp is a charming and charismatic yogi. The film also stars Haley Joel Osment and Justin Long as a yogi with anger management problems. If you're a fan of Will Smith's work, you can watch his movie and enjoy it as well.

The director's success came after he landed a big break with Clerks. While the edgy comic voice of Clerks was his debut, he showed a vulnerable side in Chasing Amy and Dogma. Without his Sundance successes, Kevin Smith's career would have never taken off the ground. That said, he's still a great filmmaker and deserves a wider audience.


The cinematic world of YOGA HOSERS is nothing if not strange. The film is ostensibly a horror comedy, though the film does have a horror element. But it's more a comedy than a horror film. It pokes fun at yoga while still having plenty of gore and foul language. Ultimately, YOGA HOSERS fails to impress. This review will be brief, as it doesn't try to be anything more than a spoof.

The film's strange storyline is reminiscent of Kevin Smith's 2014 horror comedy Tusk, but it's surprisingly far less gross. While bratwurst Nazi monsters that enter victims through their bottoms are still in the film, the violence is hardly shocking. The film includes Nazi imagery and devil-worshipping characters. In addition, there is some sexual innuendo, but this is mostly played for laughs. The film still features disturbing images for teens, and the violence is still fairly mild.

While the film has enough strangeness to attract a stoner cult following, it's not as well made as it could be. There are too many continuity errors and a first-draft script. Still, the best moments of the movie are when the girls perform Glamthrax and the musical numbers add a proud dad vibe. And that's just the beginning of the fun in this slapstick comedy.

The film is a bizarre mashup of influences, including horror movies like "Clerks" and John Hughes movies, as well as elements of the 1966 Batman TV series. Its actors are actually real life friends, and there's plenty of fun to be had in the process. And the film does have its moments of seriousness, too. It's worth checking out, especially if you're a fan of horror movies or comedy.

Despite the film's lack of stakes, Yoga Hosers is ultimately a family affair, and its filmmaking is a testament to the power of a close family unit. Will Smith's efforts to apologize for his hateful comments about the film's critics and the movie's genre. And with a little care and a sense of humor, Yoga Hosers is a fun and entertaining movie to watch with the entire family.