Yoga Studios Near Me

If you want to take a yoga class but don't know where to start, there are many options for you. Some of the most popular studios near me are Mang'Oh Yoga, Earth Yoga NYC, Blue Banyan Yoga, Y7, and PowerFlow. Check out these reviews to find the perfect yoga studio for you! You can find one near you today! And don't worry if you don't have time to attend a yoga class on a regular basis. These yoga studios will teach you the basics and enlighten you with their specialties.

Mang'Oh Yoga

If you want to practice yoga in the city, you may want to find one of the many Mang'Oh Yoga studios near me. They are a brand of yoga classes that incorporate breath and movement, as well as various styles of yoga. You can take a class in person or stream live online. The classes are designed to increase physical strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. The studios are located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and offer classes at different times of day.

The mang'oh yoga studios near me offer a wide variety of classes and membership options. They have monthly unlimited memberships that allow you to attend as many classes as you like, as well as the ability to bring a friend or family member along. These unlimited memberships include access to all classes at any time, and some of them even have guest passes. There are also discounts on teacher training and workshops.

Earth Yoga NYC

Earth Yoga NYC has heated and non-heated group sessions to suit your needs. This serene contemporary space is an excellent option for yoga and meditation. It is close to Manhattan and the Financial District. The yoga classes are taught by skilled instructors. In addition to heated sessions, Earth Yoga NYC also offers a range of other yoga and meditation practices. To find the best one near you, read on for more information. Here are some of the best yoga studios near me:

This yoga studio offers four types of yoga and offers a variety of meditation sessions and health coaching. Their experienced instructors teach all four forms of yoga, which range from ashtanga to hatha. Classes start at $29 for a single class, and monthly memberships cost $195. The studio is clean and welcoming. The instructors speak English and Spanish, which make communication easy. The facilities at Earth Yoga are excellent.

The YTP NYC has six locations in the city. Some locations have showers, while others do not. The heated class differs from Bikram's, but they still have 26 mostly static poses and two breathing exercises. The class runs either for 60 or 90 minutes. You should arrive 15 minutes early to make the most of your practice. Yoga 216 is located in the West Chelsea gallery district. The classes are warm and have no more than six participants.

Blue Banyan Yoga

For those of you searching for a yoga studio near you, consider visiting Blue Banyan Yoga studios in your area. This yoga studio was founded by Sophie Simpson, who is also co-director of the Blue Banyan School and Studio. Sophie believes that everyone can benefit from yoga, and is committed to helping students find their own "Way-In" through her classes. In 1998, she received her certification from Yoga Alliance, studying under Jasmine Tarkeshi. Today, she is a passionate yoga teacher and believes that practicing yoga on the mat helps people practice it off it.

The owner of Blue Banyan Yoga grew her business by doing most of her administrative work from her home office. She also added an in-house administrative alcove to conduct all of her business activities. This way, she can be available to clients and keep all of her business activities in one place. She also began to add branding to her website and implemented an online registration system. These improvements improved access to customers and increased revenue.

The Yoga Studio at the Beach is another great option for beginners. The studio offers a variety of classes and workshops for students of all levels. There are also online videos you can watch that will help you practice yoga at home. You can also purchase apparel and beverages for the perfect yoga experience. And while you're there, be sure to purchase some snacks from the shop. These studios are friendly and welcoming to everyone, no matter your level of fitness.


If you're looking for a class that's both a full-body workout and hip hop music, look no further than Y7 yoga studios near me. The Union Square studio, for instance, is accessible by stairs and features an open layout with a small seating area, a check-in desk, and two changing rooms. The studio's single restroom has plenty of space to hang your coat and drop your things.

The studios in the Y7 network are spread out over three floors and are decorated in warm tones, with bright colors that promote a calm, peaceful environment. The floors are carpeted, and there's no need to bring your own mat - you can use one of theirs if you prefer. The instructors focus on meditation, postures, sound, and breathing, so the sessions are not just about getting a sweaty body.

The Y7 yoga studios have several locations in New York City. The TriBeCa location is a gem, and there's also a Chinatown location. These loft spaces are filled with great amenities, including towels and nice bathrooms. They also have fridges with beverages for your enjoyment. The TriBeCa location used to offer CSA farmer's market boxes - a nice touch for a class!


When searching for a studio to practice yoga near me, you should consider YO BK. The Brooklyn studio has been in business for over three years and offers many classes. You can choose between Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, and Bikram classes. You can even join a membership for an unlimited number of classes. These studios are great for beginners or experienced yogis alike, and you can even pay what you feel comfortable with.

There are many types of yoga, but Bikram is particularly popular. This method of yoga, which originated in India, uses 26 postures and breathing exercises. This form of yoga is sometimes called hot yoga because of the intense heat. YO BK offers different versions of this style that are designed to be shorter and more manageable. Bikram yoga is known for its intense heat, but if you want to avoid the discomfort, try a 60-minute class.

Three Jewels

In the process of searching for a yoga studio, you've probably come across a few listings for Three Jewels Yoga. But what is this particular method all about? In essence, it's an exercise program that focuses on motion, mindfulness, and meditation. That's a big difference from the many yoga instructors who present yoga as an aerobic workout. Most of these studios also don't emphasize meditation or mindfulness, which leaves the practice of yoga skewed and imbalanced.

In NYC, Three Jewels is an enlightenment studio. You can attend meditation and yoga classes for free, but donations are welcome. The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, so your donation is fully tax deductible. If you live in the USA, you can donate to the nonprofit. In addition to their free classes, their programs also support the homeless, earthquake survivors, and refugees. And while these are some of the most popular yoga studios in the city, you can visit them in other locations as well.

If you're considering joining the Three Jewels Yoga program, you can expect to get a lot out of it. Not only are the classes incredibly informative, but the teachers also stay after classes to answer any questions you may have. The facility is clean, zen, and very well-organized, which makes the entire experience worthwhile. This is one of the most beneficial yoga programs I've ever experienced. I highly recommend it.

Loom Yoga Center

Loom Yoga Center offers many different classes, including Pilates and Yoga. They also offer Bodywork sessions and Individual Sessions, and they even offer Home Visits. Home visits allow clients to practice at home with a bubble. The yoga classes at Loom are very relaxed, and each student is guaranteed to leave feeling better than when they first arrived. You will be able to practice with the instructors' guidance and support.