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Top 5 Yoga Videos on YouTube

The YouTube channel "Yoga" has become a popular place to find videos of yoga. Each day, it releases a new video. The first video from the channel's January 1 challenge remains its all-time most-watched video with more than 22.9 million views. It is one of the most popular yoga videos ever. There are literally thousands of videos to choose from on the YouTube site. For inspiration, try watching one of these videos.

Tim Sensei

Tim Sensei has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade. The founder of YouTube yoga channel Yoga with Tim says that it began as a way for him to connect with his body and feel more in tune with himself. Previously, he had indulged in excessive drinking and drug use. But yoga changed everything for him. Instead of wasting his time on those habits, he started practicing yoga everyday and stopped eating junk food. The result? Yoga changed Tim's life, one day at a time.

Tim Senesi was an early adopter of YouTube yoga, launching his channel Yoga with Tim in 2014. He discovered yoga while attending the University of San Diego and started assisting in classes after graduation. After graduating, Tim completed teacher training and built a large in-person following teaching classes at YogaWorks in San Diego. He is a teacher-trainee who continues to learn and share his passion for yoga.

There are many benefits to yoga videos on YouTube. You can choose between vinyasa flow classes, yoga for back pain, yoga for runners, or classes for weight loss and overall stress management. There are classes to meet every level. Some videos last as little as ten minutes, while others are as long as an hour. And if you aren't sure where to start, Tim Senesi offers a 30-day challenge that will guide you step-by-step to a better yoga practice.

Arundhati Baitmangalkar

A Bollywood dancer, choreographer, and yoga teacher, Arundhati is an inspiration for those who want to improve their overall health and well-being. Originally from South India, Arundhati immigrated to the Seattle area and opened a studio called Aham Yoga. She is one of the few Indian immigrants to open a yoga studio in the United States. Her classes are simple and based on alignment. She speaks Hindi, English, and Marathi, and she also runs a Bollywood studio in Seattle.

Aham Yoga, where she leads classes and holds workshops, has an Instagram account, and is a blogger and former Bollywood dancer. With over 14 years of experience, Aru aims to inspire fellow South Asian yoga teachers and make yoga more accessible to all. She teaches yoga at all levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. For more information, visit Here's a closer look at yoga.

The Zoom software lets you view your students without having to install a webcam. Despite the difficulties that many online yoga teachers face, Arundhati addresses the challenges of using Zoom. She shares tips for positioning the camera on Zoom so that you can see every student clearly. Arundhati and Shannon also talk about the problems with leading yoga teacher trainings online. In addition to addressing this, they discuss the missing components in an online class.

Kassandra's yin yoga

If you are looking for a good Yin yoga class on YouTube, you've come to the right place. Kassandra Reinhardt is a Canadian yoga teacher originally from Gatineau, Quebec. She has been practicing yoga for eight years and began her YouTube channel in 2014 after becoming a fully certified instructor. Originally, she had planned to teach more classes in studios. Today, she teaches different types of yoga but specializes in Yin Yoga. The videos on her channel are some of the most popular on the Internet, with more than 1.7 million subscribers. Her content is diverse, with videos for people of all fitness levels and ages.

Many videos are based around stretching and work on sleeping, hips, and legs. These videos are divided into playlists by duration, with five-minute blocks, fifteen-minute blocks, and even full 90-minute workouts. While Kassandra's style is slow and gentle, her Vinyasa classes are challenging. She also offers a pause button for her students to refocus their minds and bodies.

Cosmic Kids

Whether you are looking for an app for your child or you're a parent looking for a fun and educational way to teach yoga to your children, there is an app for you. The app Cosmic Kids has over one million users, which proves that the App Store is open to anyone with a great idea! This app features fun yoga poses for kids, age-appropriate instructions, and calming music. The app covers the basics of yoga, including the warrior and spider pose. It is a 32-minute video that's perfect for rainy days.

Cosmic Kids features yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation videos accompanied by imaginative adventures. The program is designed to help kids develop strength, balance, and confidence. Kids will also learn about self-expression and mindfulness as they explore the many benefits of yoga and meditation. The app is a great way to introduce kids to these practices early on. And since it's so fun, it is likely to become a favorite in your family! So, get your child on the right path today by downloading the Cosmic Kids app!

The app includes over 80 yoga adventures, 28 Zen Den mindfulness sessions, 24 Peace Out guided relaxations, and songs and stories. All of the Cosmic Kids videos are available for download in one easy-to-use app. Cosmic Kids' app is recommended for use in schools. It's also a great resource for parents. Yoga for kids is not for the faint-hearted. Even the most apathetic parents can teach their kids this beneficial activity.

Shilpa Shipla

If you are looking for some good yoga videos to practice at home, consider Shilpa Shipla's YouTube channel. This Bollywood actress teaches yoga poses, which she explains in one-minute clips. The aim of her yoga videos is to help you align your mind, body, spirit, and soul. The videos are created by the Shemaro Company. All of the links in this article will direct you to the videos.

The Yoga Journal channel is an excellent source of yoga tutorials for both beginners and experts. The sequences scale from beginner to advanced, with many beginner-friendly and intermediate-level yoga videos available. The videos cover everything from general exercises like backbends to more specialised yoga routines, including Ayurveda. The yoga journal brand also offers podcasts and online classes, along with tips for meditation. The channel is linked to the Yoga Journal website, which includes a Facebook group with over 2.2 million subscribers.

Candace Moore

When you want to practice yoga at home, you can watch YouTube videos by Candace Moore. The yoga instructor is a trauma-informed yoga teacher with a background in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. She also has extensive training in anatomy and meditation. Her videos have helped thousands of people find their way to a more peaceful and centered state of mind. In addition to teaching yoga, Moore hosts workshops and retreats around the world.

Her videos offer a classic yoga practice that is both mind-quieting and "om"-inducing. Many of her sessions are narrated by Moore, and she does not use music. This is another advantage. Watching her move through poses in a calm, unobtrusive fashion makes it all the more relaxing. In addition to her own videos, you can check out the yoga videos curated by Spiritual Black Girls, a community of yoga instructors of color.

Another great channel with yoga videos is the Yoga Journal, which offers a variety of yoga classes for beginners to advanced students. The videos range from generalised yoga exercises such as backbends to specific yoga poses for athletes, weight loss, and overall stress management. In addition to her videos, the brand also offers podcasts and online classes. The Yoga Journal also hosts a Facebook group with over two million subscribers. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned yoga pro, the Yoga Journal channel is an excellent resource for learning more about yoga and the benefits of mindfulness.

Edyn Nicole

You may have come across the YouTube channel "Yoga with Edyn Nicole" if you're looking for a plus-size yoga instructor. It's a great resource and full of energy. However, you may be wondering if this teacher can teach plus-size people. The good news is that she can! Edyn Nicole is not only a plus-size yoga instructor, but she's also a YouTube sensation. Her channel has over 60,000 subscribers and counting!

The health vlogger, Edyn Nicole Jacks, has over 70,000 subscribers on YouTube. Her videos feature a plant-based diet and a yoga lifestyle. Edyn Nicole Jacks was born in the United States on December 4, 1988, which makes her 33 years old in 2022. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The following are some facts about her: